Product Of The Month

Product Of The Month
Straight from Italy with over 70 years of heritage is this Sicilian classic “La Pasta Di Don Faraci”. Antonio Faraci the great grandfather of the current owners decided whilst working in a flour mill to combine high quality flour with impeccable quality control to produce one of Italy’s finest pasta’s. We currently have four different pasta shapes on offer:
Conchiglioni = jumbo shells or giant shells. Pasta shaped like conch shells come in various sizes, this is the largest. It's often stuffed and baked with ricotta as you would cannelloni.
Fusilli Caserecci = a narrow twisted and rolled pasta tube, with each side rolled in the opposite direction.
Paccheri = a large, hollow, tube-shaped type of pasta. Like conchiglioni, paccheri is usually stuffed and baked or stuffed with sausage and garlic and topped with a red wine sauce.
Torchietti = means 'little torches', this short, bell-shaped pasta goes well with plain tomato sauces.

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